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At ESSENCE Motocycles, our team brings together diverse expertise including industrial designers, electrical engineers, data scientists, master fabricators and artisans. We leverage this depth of talent to create innovative electric motorcycles that break new ground in performance and sustainability.

Our engineers employ the latest simulation and modeling tools to optimize structural integrity, aerodynamics, and vehicle dynamics. Our designers fuse styling cues from iconic petrol-powered motorcycles into contemporary forms. And our manufacturing team combines old-world coachbuilding techniques with advanced rapid prototyping capabilities to produce exquisite fit and finish.

Within our Atelier division, metal workers hand form aluminum body panels on English wheel machines before precision welding them into sculptural forms. Our composites team shapes bespoke carbon fiber components in a temperature and humidity controlled clean room. Through such blending of high-tech and hand crafted, we build exciting electric motorcycles that evoke emotion and connection.

Our diverse team finds alignment in the shared vision of accelerating electric motorcycle adoption. Veteran riders appreciate the raw performance, while new enthusiasts discover an exhilarating riding sensation they never expected. Innovating to expand that ridership community motivates the ESSENCE tribe daily.

By leveraging expertise across industrial engineering and artisan crafting, ESSENCE creates electric motorcycles with an extra ounce of soul. Machines that prove performance and sustainability need not be mutually exclusive. Electric powertrains can be emotional and inspiring when world-class design and engineering come together.