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At ESSENCE Motocycles, we are a team of designers, engineers, artisans, innovators and motorcycle enthusiasts who have come together to build a new breed of thrilling, high performance electric motorcycles. We share a common passion for two-wheeled machines, sustainable technology and the visceral joy of riding.

Our Motivation

We started ESSENCE because we believe electric powertrains represent the future of motorcycles. Unencumbered by emissions regulations, electric motorcycles deliver instant, massive torque which unlocks raw performance and intensifies the ride experience. We’re leveraging these unique attributes to create electric motorcycles that excite riders of all backgrounds.

Our Team

Our team comprises experts from premium motorcycle manufacturers, Formula E racing teams, aerospace companies and more. We have chassis engineers, data analysts, user experience designers, rapid prototypers and artisan metal workers. It’s a diverse group unified by the desire to propel electric motorcycles into the mainstream through class-leading innovation and design.

Our Design Process

We take a clean-sheet approach to every new motorcycle concept focused on optimizing the integration of electric powertrains. Our agile team rapidly prototypes breakthrough technologies in areas like battery chemistry, regenerative braking and vehicle aerodynamics. We analyze riding data and rider feedback to refine ergonomics. The result is electric motorcycles engineered for soul-stirring performance and intuitive control.

Our Philosophy

We build ESSENCE motorcycles to excel in the areas riders care about most – acceleration, handling, sound, feel and range. We select premium components to heighten the visceral experience of speed. We obsess over details like vibration isolation and weight balance that make electric motorcycles intensely satisfying to ride over the long term. We’re delivered electric motorcycles you’ll desire not just because they’re electric, but because they deliver unparalleled riding sensations.